Create inter-active ‘rich media’ Editions – with multiple layers of hyper-links, sounds and videos – for
a rich media experience combining the best of print productions and rich media websites.

Choose one of our UPGRADE Plans to use all the features of our advanced Rich Media Editor.

So simple to add multiple URL, page and email links, video and sound clips on any page.

  • URL Links to webpages and sites
  • Page links within the edition
  • Email links on any page
  • Sound Clips
  • Video Clips
  • e-Commerce linking to your shopping engine
  • Complete control over the page position for all rich media components.

Adding Videos is so Easy.
You can either use a (1) URL from YouTube, (2) your own, hosted MP4 video, via URL, or (3) hosted FLV video.

Auto-enabling of URL and Email links. Plus Text Search.
Your existing URL and Email links are automatically enabled and the Text Search is automatically added to the Nav Bar.

DRM Password (per edition).
Just one click to add simple DRM password to any edition.

Enhancing Your Edition with Rich Media and Links