ePublish allows you to be your own online publisher

Traditionally a publisher was a broker. Authors who wanted their work printed but did not want to incur printing and distribution costs would approach a publisher. The publisher would then cover the costs in exchange for full or partial control of the copyright.

While publishers still exist, evolutions in technology have changed the publishing landscape forever. It is now possible to cut out the middle man and self-publish your work. By self-publishing you retain control of the copyright, full editorial authority as well as 100% of the revenue. Publishing online is the future.

Being your own book publisher online will also allow you to tap into markets that may not be possible with a traditional publisher controlled print run. Publishing online you can have a global reach and an unlimited audience. And it’s less expensive and easier than you may think.

Printed books, either hardcover or paperback are losing popularity; almost everybody carries a laptop, mobile device, tablet or e-reader with them. Your potential readers demand that their books be available to them when and where they want them. ePublish gives you the chance to be your own book publisher and to deliver a digitally enhanced book direct to your audience, anywhere in the world.
Publishing with ePublish allows you the ability to convert your manuscript into digitally enhanced online books that can be viewed instantly on any device, anywhere in the world. Turn your printed content into an interactive digital edition, embed video, links and audio and deliver your book to readers throughout the world.

Signing up for a free account with ePublish can give you an idea of what we are all about and how our online systems for a budding book publisher work. We can help with distribution too. You can create enhanced digital books without fuss and start distributing them around the world instantly.

ePublish technology enables you to instantly create a truly independent digital edition; easy to read, highly interactive and light-weight. It’s so easy; start distributing using the power of the internet.