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There are so many ways to promote and distribution your ePublications to all your fans.

Promote on your Website

Just place an image of your ePublication on your website home page, and then just embed the URL link to your ePublication behind the page image.

The URL for your edition(s) is on the Summary page inside your account.

Now every customer visiting your website can see and read your latest ePublications!

Promote on your Website

Promote on Titlestand, for FREE

If you have selected one of our simple Plans, you can choose either the Public or Private modes for your ePublications.

By selecting Public mode, any edition will automatically be featured on our FREE

If you are still on a FREE account, your editions will be displayed on at our discretion.1362111191_go-next

Email to your Customers

And don’t forget to email your latest editions to your email subscribers.

Simple and effective way to promote your latest ePublications!1362111191_go-next

Add to your Social Media pages

Add to your Social Media pages

From the Summary page inside your Account, you can simply click on the SOCIAL button to add your editions to your Social Media pages.

So simple and effective!  Spread your ePubications across the global Social network today.1362111191_go-next

Promote on Affiliate Sites

If you work with any Affiliate sites, you can also provide them with the URL link to your editions.

A simple and easy way to accelerate the distribution and readership of your editions.


Promote on Affiliate Sites

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