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Good News!  We offer a full range of Online Agency Services for customers who have special requirements.

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Custom Digital ePublishing

We can help you design and customise your digital editions to reflect your ePublishing requirements. Our production team can also assist with adding rich media, adding advertising banners, and customising the editions with your brand identity. Digital Editions that are truly unique to reflect the messages you want for your viewers.

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Subscription Platforms for large Publishers with multiple Titles.

Are you looking for a custom Subscription platform for SELLING your editions, online?  Our Subscription plans can manage your multiple titles, any range of subscription plans and all your back copies. You can even import all your existing Subscribers.  And the best news is that you get to KEEP all your Sales revenue.       No Revenue Share!  No App store or Newsstand Fees!

Lead Generation Services.

Epublish AGENCY can generate leads using a wide variety of methods including search engine optimization, web display ads, social media marketing, emails, affiliate networks and custom lead forms when a prospect launches your online edition. How we generate leads for you will depend on the specific needs of your business, the types of products you sell, the types of services you provide, etc. We are extremely flexible and our lead generation strategists will develop an optimized campaign by selecting the most appropriate combination of components to get you results.

Email Campaigns and Opt-In Email Marketing

Are you looking for massive online exposure for your Magazine, Catalogs or Brochure?  ePublish can broadcast your digital publications to opt-in consumers and business recipients who are eager to buy or read your material. We have Email Addresses! If you have your own email capabilities, make epublish your number one supplier for targeted consumers and Business Email Lists.

Magazine Promotion, Social Media and Advertising options

Let us help you with your Online Marketing and Advertising requirements. Need new audiences?  Want advertising for your new Digital Editions?  Want increased distribution of your Editions?  We have sales teams and call centres that can have a positive results for all your Online Marketing goals.

Marketing Communications and Press Release optimation

Epublish AGENCY helps you engage opportunity everywhere through our industry-leading communications products and services. We can help you gain the intelligence you need to find your audiences, interact and engage with them and measure the impact of your outreach. Whether you’re an agency or private company of any size looking for ways to expand your visibility and impact, PR Newswire can partner with you to achieve your communication goals.


  • Custom Features for Editions not standard in ePublish.
  • Enterprise ePublishing platforms.
  • Mini Dynamic. Editions created ‘on the fly’ from search functions outside and inside the editions.
  • Mega Dynamic Editions. Editions created ‘on the fly’ from large databases of pages / content related to the customer selected search criteria.

If your Subscription needs are more extensive, such as ‘multiple Titles on a single Web and Mobile store’, please contact us to discuss our Enterprise Subscription solutions!

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