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To add Links (email, page and URL’s) and Rich Media (Sound and Video clips), add your own Ad banners (top and bottom of your launch page) and remove the free Ads from around your Editions.1362111191_go-next

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All editions can be published on our global newsstand Titlestand is fully Search Engine Optimised (SEO) so your digital editions can be found easily by worldwide searches.

If you’re selling your editions (see upgrade options) then you have a global market for your content. Publication on Titlestand is not compulsory and opting out is just as easy.1362111191_go-next

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Publishers can choose to UPGRADE to our more comprehensive ‘Publisher’ Subscription Plans for multiple titles, issues and valuable back copies, from their Account dashboard. With simple set-up, in minutes, using our comprehensive step-by-step functionality.

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Getting Started is so Easy

Getting Started is so Easy

We make Digital Publishing SO Easy!

From a magazine, catalogue, newsletter to a corporate brochure.

ePublishing made Easy, in  just three simple steps…
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2. Upload your existing pages as PDF (including MS Office pages)
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AND Anything in Paper can GO DIGITAL…

ePUBLISH technology enables the instant creation of truly independent ‘Digital Editions’ – an enhanced digital replica of printed publications – which are easy to read, highly interactive, light in size, and so easy to distribute through the Internet.

For Readers, our Editions ‘turning page’ effect mirrors the visual appearance of paper publications, as two page spreads, thereby increasing reader acceptance, appeal and interactivity.  Additionally, we add the ability to easily overlay multiple layers of rich media for greater animation and impact with the reader.

Enhancing Your Edition with Rich Media and Links