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How to create a PDF in MS Office 2010 (Word)?
How to create a PDF in other MS Office programmes?
How to create a PDF using Adobe Professional?

Why should I flatten my PDF?
How can I tell if my PDF has been flattened?
How do I split a PDF with spread pages?
How do I enable links already in my PDF?

Overview of the Rich Media Editor functions (depending on your Plan).
How do I know if my PDF contains real text for auto URL generation?
How do I manage my URL links in the Rich Media editor?
How do I manage my Audio Files in the Rich Media editor?
How do I manage my Videos in the Rich Media editor?

How to embed your Edition on your website?

But feel free to view the tutorial videos on the right hand column.

Why Upload pages as a PDF?

PDF (Portable Document Format) is an open standard for print document exchange. It is an ideal output format for virtually every print format today. Each PDF file encapsulates a complete description of a fixed-layout flat document, including the text, fonts, graphics, and other information needed to display it.

While it is a difficult and heavy format for viewing online, it is an ideal ‘common’ format for our ePublisher platform to accept your pages, no matter which publishing programme your pages were created by.

You can use any page authoring programme (such as MS Office 2007+, Quark, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop), as the latest versions of these programmes have PDF export functions, or you can convert your pages to a PDF using the recommended FREE PDF programmes listed below.

When ready, just upload your PDF into your ePUBLISH account for automatic conversion into a digital edition.

So very simple… Please view our Tutorial videos and SUPPORT sections for more information.

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Recommended Specifications for your PDF

Our recommended PDF specifications will ensure the seamless uploading and conversion of your pages (PDF) by our ePublisher platform. If you have problems with uploading your PDF, please check that you have observed these recommended specifications:

  • Pages to be at least 150 dpi (or above) in the PDF.
  • PDF to be no more than 150MB and/or 499 pages.
    Contact us if you have editions that exceed these parameters.
  • Single pages only. Do not save spreads!
  • All pages to be saved in a single PDF document, in correct order.
  • Like a paper publication, all pages must be the same size.
  • Turn off any crop and printer marks on the pages.
  • For best quality and speed of use, we highly recommend flattening your PDFs if complex vector pages are present in the document. Just remember to choose the same paper size that the original PDF was created with. If unsure on how to flattenen PDF’s, please refer to the relevant FAQ section inside your account.
  • Search feature will show up on your edition navigation bar when there is real text (PDF containing extractable text) within the PDF pages.

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How to create a PDF using free PDF converter?

If you do not have a copy of Adobe Acrobat Professional or authoring tool (such as MS Office 2007+, Quark, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop which have PDF output), you can convert your pages to a PDF using either Bullzip PDF or PDF24 creator for free.

For Mac users, there are free PDF converters in the Mac App Store.

Once completed, just upload the PDF to your ePublish account and follow the simple steps.

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Problems with PDF uploading and/or conversion?

All you have to do to publish on ePublish4me, is upload your existing pages as a PDF file. We’ll automatically convert them into the stunning digital editions, in minutes

Most of the time this is a smooth process. However, a small fraction of uploaded documents can fail during conversion because your document is not prepared correctly. Fortunately, those documents normally can be edited to pass conversion. There are also number of steps you can do to improve the quality of your conversion if it’s not looking perfect.

If you have problems with uploading your PDF

Please check that you have observed our recommended basic document requirements.

If you do not have Adobe Acrobat 9 Professional Software, you can convert your pages from Word or Powerpoint documents to a standard PDF, using either Bullzip PDF or PDF24 creator for free.

For Mac users, there are free PDF converters in the Mac App Store.

You have a maximum upload size of 150MB and/or 499 pages per edition with a total of 10GB of edition storage space.

Fortunately, due to our unique technology, your published editions will rarely exceed 20MB in size.

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How do I know if my PDF contains real text?

Search feature will show up on the navigation bar when there is real text (PDF containing extractable text) within the PDF pages.

To test that the PDF contains extractable text:

  • Open the PDF in Acrobat.
  • If can highlight text, text can be extracted for the Search function and search will work within our editions.
  • If cannot highlight text in PDF view, text cannot be extracted for the Search function and search inside the edition will not work.

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What pages sizes are accepted for upload?

Here is a list of page sizes automatically accepted by the ePublisher Portal.
NOTE 1: The most important column is the Proportions column – by using this column, you do not need to know every single PDF size.
NOTE 2: These templates will fit any size that comes within 10% of the proportions.


For your information, here are the standard global paper sizes.


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How to optimize my page sizes / PDF for uploading?

  • To flatten artwork in the PDF file you create from Illustrator, InDesign etc., go to the General panel of the Adobe PDF Options dialog box and choose Acrobat 4 (PDF 1.3) in the Compatibility menu.
  • To flatten an existing PDF using Acrobat Professional, Choose Print, select Adobe PDF > Properties > Default Settings – Edit. Change Compatibility setting to Acrobat 4.0 (PDF 1.3).

Optimizing My Page

Our platform has a maximum upload size for each PDF (ePublications) of 150mb.

If your PDF is larger than this size limit, you can lower the resolution of your pages further in the ‘Images’ tab. This will reduce the size of your final PDF for uploading.

Example: Adobe PDF setting panel

Adobe PDF setting panel

If you further need to reduce the file size for uploading, in the settings box you can also try different compression settings e.g. if it was already maximum, then try lower setting such as high. If that is not enough try medium.

Reduce File Size in PDF

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How to merge multiple PDF files (pages) into single PDF for uploading?

If you have multiple single page as multiple PDF files, you will need to merge them into one PDF file for uploading.

Please choose one of the three following options:

(1) Open Adobe Acrobat Professional program.

    • Click the “Create PDF” button on the main toolbar.
    • Click “Merge Files into a Single PDF” on the drop menu. This will allow you to pull multiple files from your computer and merge them into one PDF.

Merging Multiple files in PDF

  • In the window that pops up, click “Browse.” Locate the files on your computer. Once you click OK on a file, it will flow into the white box on the right.
  • Order your files. Once you’ve pulled all the files you want to merge, use the “Remove,” “Move Up,” and “Move Down” buttons on the left to organize them in the correct order.
  • Click OK. Your PDFs will be organized in one file. Be sure to click “Save As…” under File and name your new PDF file.

(2) If you are using an older version of Acrobat, there are two other ways to merge files:

    • Use the Document menu > Select the ‘Insert pages’ the select the page you want to insert the  follow the prompts.

Inserting Page

  • Or open the ‘Pages’ navigation side panel then drag and drop the PDF containing the pages you want to merge.
  • Choose File > ‘SAVE AS’ after combining files to make sure the file gets cleaned properly (can result in smaller files).

(3) If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Professional, you can merge your PDF files using the FoxyUtils MergePDF programme for free.

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Displaying and Distributing your Editions

There are many different ways to display and distribute your digital editions.

1. By URL links (in an email) to your global audience
2. Display edition cover on your website and load URL link behind
3. Embed mini version in an iframe on your website. Secure display option.
4. Add mini buttons to your edition on your website.
5. Use the social media buttons to share your editions.

All of these options are automatically supplied on your edition Order summary page, after your edition is created.

Display Options

Please click here for more details.

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Online Chat SUPPORT inside your Account

Customers using our FREE accounts may use the website FAQ and more comprehensive HELP tab inside their account.

For customers who have purchased a plan, in addition to our standard FAQ and HELP features, online SUPPORT chat will be available inside their account.

SUPPORT chat is available on the following global times:

Monday to Friday, excluding Public Holidays.
GMT: 09.00 – 12.00 and 14.00 – 17.00
USA EST: 09.00 – 17.00
Sydney: 09.00 – 17.00

If the Online chat is closed, please leave a message and we will revert as soon as possible.

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